Achieve more shapely upper arms in Austin, TX

Excess loose and sagging skin and fat on the upper arms may be due to aging, genetic factors or weight loss. Whatever the cause, an arm lift can surgically reshape your arms and give them more contour. If you feel self-conscious about showing your upper arms or wearing short-sleeved shirts, an arm lift could help boost your confidence and allow you to enjoy your life to the fullest. For many, it is a step towards completing the transformation of their weight loss journey.

Am I a candidate?

The best candidates for arm lift surgery at the Austin Plastic Surgery Institute can relate to the following:

  • Sagging skin because of weight loss or natural aging
  • The desire for firmer, more contoured upper arms
  • Your weight is relatively stable, and you are at a healthy weight 

We can provide you with a complete consultation at our Austin, TX office to see if you qualify for this procedure. We will be able to recommend the most suitable procedure for your circumstances and goals. 

Alternatives to arm lift surgery

Many women like the athletic look of a fit and defined arm that does not have a lot of hanging skin. Sometimes this can be achieved with less invasive procedures like BodyTite and SAFE lipo along with Morpheus8. If this less invasive procedure is right for you, it can be done through two 4mm incisions on each arm.

We are here to boost your confidence.

At Austin Plastic Surgery Institute, our entire team strives to provide the best plastic surgery care in central Texas. All our doctors are board certified experts at their craft, and we care for each patient as if they were family. We really want to know what results you envision for yourself, so that we can help you achieve your personal aesthetic goals.

Austin Plastic Surgery Institute has been performing custom arm lift surgeries since 2003 and we are honored to be known as the premier surgery center in Austin. We are here to address any personal concerns about your upper arms and enhance your happiness and confidence. Imagine feeling completely confident in sleeveless tops, with upper arms that look youthful and sculpted!

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How is an arm lift performed?

During arm lift surgery, your surgeon will make an incision along the inner or bottom of the arm, from the armpit down towards the elbow. Liposuction might be used to remove excess fat, and any loose skin will be trimmed away. Drains are not usually used. In patients with excessive drooping, where there is looseness within the internal tissue structures, we will use a larger skin resection pattern that might even incorporate flabby skin along the back and lateral bra roll. These surgical efforts will result in a smaller circumference of the upper arm.

What is the recovery like?

Your brachioplasty will be performed under general anesthesia in our accredited surgical facility and will most likely take around 2 hours to complete. It is considered an outpatient procedure. Your arm lift can be combined with other body contouring procedures. Following surgery, you should keep your arm elevated to help control swelling and promote circulation. You will experience a slow return of normal function. Arm and hand strength, specifically, will be weak for the first several weeks as your internal tissues heal.

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Arm lift FAQs

Liposuction or arm lift?

If you have excess fat on the insides of your arms, you may be a candidate for BodyTite and SAFE liposuction, but arm lift patients typically do not have excess fat as their primary problem. They normally have excessive sagging and loose, hanging skin. The only way to correct this problem is through a brachioplasty procedure. If you have relatively good skin tone but also have excess fat in the arms, you may be able to achieve your desired results with a less invasive BodyTite, Morpheus and SAFE lipo procedure.

What about scarring?

It’s important to understand that scarring is a part of this procedure. We recommend that you avoid sun exposure by covering them and using sunscreen during the first year after your surgery to protect the incisions from any additional discoloration. Most patients believe the scars are a small trade-off for a new, shapelier arm. We will discuss scar care to help assist in the healing process.

Can an arm lift be combined with other procedures?

It is common for arm lift patients to combine this surgery with another procedure. Some common techniques often combined during what is known as an “upper body lift” include liposuction, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and breast surgery (breast lift). During your consultation, your doctor will discuss each surgery with you and will advise you on whether these procedures should be done at the same time.

How toned will I look?

An arm lift is performed to remove hanging skin and fat. The only way to build muscle is through strength training. Following surgery, once your arms are fully healed, you can resume exercise and weight training. This is a great way to add shape to the arms by toning and strengthening them.

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