What Is VISIA Skin Analysis?

The VISIA skin analysis system is an innovative tool for analyzing the overall health of the facial skin. The system works to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the patient’s skin health in several areas, including pigmentation, pore size, texture, wrinkles, sun damage, and several others. The VISIA system also provides information on what types of treatments are needed to improve skin health and tracks progress during skincare treatments.

How Does VISIA Skin Analysis Work?  

VISIA skin analysis can be used to evaluate a patient’s skin care needs during their initial consultation. It can also be used to check a patient’s progress during or following a cosmetic procedure or treatment plan.

The VISIA system works by rotating a specially designed capture module around the patient’s face. The system uses advanced image-capturing software to form detailed images of the patient’s facial skin. Utilizing a multi-point positioning system and live image overlay, the system makes it easy to capture and evaluate detailed, accurate images from multiple viewpoints. This allows our skin care professionals at APSI to quickly achieve a detailed evaluation of your skin health.

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What Can the VISIA Skin Analysis System Measure?

The VISIA skin analysis system can evaluate the health of your facial skin in eight different categories:

  • Pores - The VISIA skin analysis machine can accurately measure the pores of the facial skin. This allows it to identify any enlarged pores that may need to be addressed.
  • Spots - The VISIA system is able to highlight any brown or red spots or other areas of discoloration in the facial skin.
  • Wrinkles - The VISIA system can accurately detect and measure any furrows, folds, or creases in the facial skin. Identifying these signs of aging skin early makes it much easier to effectively treat them.
  • UV Spots - UV spots are the result of accumulated melanin beneath the skin. These spots occur due to sun damage, and the VISIA skin analysis system is able to identify them using cross-polarized, UV, and IntelliFlash lighting.
  • Brown Spots - Slightly different from other types of skin spots, brown spots are lesions found on the surface of and in the deeper layers of the facial skin. Brown spots include freckles, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and lentigines. All forms of these blemishes will be clearly outlined by the VISIA system.
  • Porphyrins - Porphyrins are bacterial excretions that can clog up your pores, leading to acne breakouts and other skin conditions. The VISIA system works to evaluate your skin’s level of porphyrins to determine if the bacteria needs to be addressed.
  • Texture - During its evaluation, the VISIA skin analysis system can identify any raised or depressed areas on the surface of your facial skin. This will allow you and your provider to pinpoint areas where skin smoothness could be improved.
  • Red Areas - The VISIA system identifies any concentrated red areas in the facial skin, which could represent inflammation, acne, rosacea, or spider veins.

Benefits of VISIA Skin Analysis

The VISIA skin analysis system is an innovative tool that can offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Provides a comprehensive evaluation of your facial skin health
  • Pinpoints precise areas that need to be addressed with treatment
  • Diagnoses specific skin conditions
  • Makes it easier to effectively prioritize your skin rejuvenation treatments
  • Allows you to track the progress of your skin care treatments
  • Keeps you more engaged with the creation of your personalized treatment plan
  • Prevents you from getting unnecessary treatments
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What Should I Expect During the Procedure?

When you come in for a consultation with one of our providers at APSI, you’ll be able to undergo a comprehensive evaluation with the VISIA skin analysis system. You’ll place your face into the device, which will rotate for several minutes, capturing images of your facial skin. This process is entirely painless and should be over very quickly.

Once the system has finished taking images of your skin, you and your provider will then go over the results of the analysis. You will be able to see any significant skin issues that need to be addressed. You’ll also gain a thorough understanding of your facial skin’s current health. With this information, your provider will be able to discuss different treatment options with you that will be best suited to address your specific needs and goals.

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At Austin Plastic Surgery Institute, we take great pride in providing our patients with exceptional, personalized aesthetic care. With our VISIA skin analysis system, we’re more equipped than ever before to accurately identify your cosmetic needs and help you achieve smoother, healthier, more vibrant facial skin. If you’re ready to schedule your consultation, simply contact our office today.

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