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The implants can be replaced or removed altogether. Once removed, the implant has typically stretched the skin of the breasts, and a tightening procedure is often part of the surgery, so the breasts look firm and natural.

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The Austin Plastic Surgery Institute difference

Breast implant removal is a very delicate procedure. The end result can vary, based on the experience and skills of your plastic surgeon. At Austin Plastic Surgery Institute, your breast explant surgery will be performed by a highly skilled, experienced surgeon who employs the most advanced surgical techniques. We are honest, ethical, and dedicated to providing a level of care we would deliver to our own families. Your journey to the breasts you desire will be under the care of  a close-knit group of physicians, nurses, aestheticians, and support staff. Every member of our exceptional team is focused on providing the highest level of care and support. Our board-certified plastic surgeons bring years of experience to every procedure, and we offer a unique blend of surgery and aesthetic technology to deliver the optimal outcome. Our goal? To provide you with happiness, relief, freedom from negative self-image issues, and restore your confidence.

What can breast implant removal do for me?

Some women feel differently about breast size than they did when they chose breast augmentation, and now want to return to a natural size. Whatever your reason, at Austin Plastic Surgery Institute, your procedure will be under the care of some of the most talented breast surgeons in the region.

What can I expect during my breast explant procedure?

The procedure varies, depending on the individual client. If you want to change the size of your breasts and change implant size, or have a complication such as capsular contracture, the implant along with the scar tissue (capsule) may need to be removed. Other women merely want the implants removed, due to health concerns or a desire to return to their natural size. 

The procedure may involve using the old scar to remove the implant. Some patients may require removal of excess skin that developed, or you may be left with deflated looking breasts. Whatever your procedure, when under our care, you can expect your surgery to be performed by a true master of the art of breast surgery, and a surgeon who will perform it with precision and the most advanced techniques.

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Why remove breast implants?

Changes in aesthetic desires

Some women had large implants placed during breast augmentation, and now wish to reduce implant size, or return to their natural breast size. Others had implants placed but the native breast has just gotten larger as the breast gland is replaced with fat. For a lot of these people, the implant is no longer necessary.

The risks of textured implants

Some women had textured implants, which are now associated with a very rare condition called BIA ALCL, or “breast implant associated anaplastic cell lymphoma,” which is typically resolved by removing the implants. The risk for this condition is very low but exists. If you have persistent swelling, a mass, or pain around textured implants, you should have your condition evaluated, and the implants removed.


A small percentage of women with implants suffer a complication, such as capsular contracture, implant malposition, asymmetrical breasts, hardened breasts or implant rupture, leaving a very unnatural look. The implants can be surgically removed with the option of replacing with a newer implant with much less risk of complications found in older implants.

How will my breasts look after breast implant removal?

One issue that must be considered is that breast implants have stretched the skin and tissue. Once the implant is removed, even if a lift or fat grafting is done, there is no guarantee that the skin will re-drape smoothly.

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