A more alert and youthful look

Loss of skin elasticity is a natural part of the aging process. For the eyelids, this can mean sagging skin and a droopy look. You may develop bags under your eyes that don’t go away even when you get enough sleep. Droopy eyelids can make you look tired or older than you feel. As the eyes tend to be the first thing people notice about you, this can be upsetting and may make you feel self-conscious. This is not something you have to resign yourself to living with. Eyelid surgery provides subtle results that can make you look more energetic, refreshed and significantly younger. 

An overview of eyelid surgery in Austin, TX

Austin Plastic Surgery Institute understands patient needs when it comes to eyelid surgery. One growing concern among women and men is sagging, puffy, or drooping eyelids, as well as bags and bulges above and below the eyes. An eyelid surgery with APSI board-certified plastic surgeons can resolve this common problem and restore your face to a more youthful appearance. An eyelid surgery is a very intricate procedure. Therefore, it’s very important to select a highly skilled plastic surgeon. Fortunately, all of APSI’s surgeons are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and they have many years of experience. Each of our plastic surgeons is familiar with every aspect of the eyelid procedure. Results will vary from patient to patient like any other surgery. However, most patients receive results that make them feel and look younger for many years.

Artistry, skill, and precision – eyelid surgery at APSI

At the Austin Plastic Surgery Institute, our goal is to increase your happiness and self-confidence by addressing any insecurities you may have. A well-executed eyelid surgery can increase your quality of life by making you look more alert and friendly – but never overdone or wide-eyed. If you are considering eyelid surgery, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a consultation with us. We are happy to explain exactly how we could refresh your look, in the most natural way.. All of our doctors are board-certified, and our team is known for being highly skilled and professional yet warm and welcoming.

Surgical techniques

Upper eyelid surgery

During upper eyelid surgery, an incision is made within the natural fold of the lid and extended outward. The incision will go out as wide as possible so that additional skin folds on the outside of the upper eye can also be addressed. Once the incision is made, excess skin, tissue and, in some cases, a small portion of the orbicularis oculi muscle (the muscle that closes your eyelids) are removed. The incision is closed with sutures and the scar remains almost completely hidden because of where it resides in the natural crease.

Lower eyelid surgery

During lower eyelid surgery, an incision is made along the bottom of the lash line if skin needs to be removed. This allows your surgeon to remove excess fat and tissue. If you have puffy lower eyelids but good skin tone, an approach known as a transconjunctival blepharoplasty can be performed though the inside part of the eyelid so that there is no scar. This technique puts the incision inside the lower eyelid rather than outside. Patients who have dark circles under their eyes will sometimes have a deficiency of fat in these areas. Injectables can be used to help fill these soft-tissue deficiencies and can improve the appearance of these circles.

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Eyelid surgery FAQs

Will I have visible scars?

After surgery, scarring will not be visible because of where the incisions are placed. In the upper eyelid, the incision follows the natural crease of the eye. The lower eyelid incision will run just under the eyelashes or inside the eyelid. Scarring will be inconspicuous.

Will eyelid surgery fix my crow’s feet?

Eyelid surgery will reduce puffy bags and excess skin and may help contribute to some minimization of crow’s feet. However, to truly treat crow’s feet, one will need a different approach. Botox injections and procedures such as a brow lift are better options to help minimize crow’s feet.

Will I experience irritation after surgery?

You may experience some dryness and minimal irritation following surgery. If these occur, we can recommend ointments and eye drops to assist during the healing phase. You should protect your eyes against wind and sun irritation for the first several months by wearing dark sunglasses.

Will eyelid surgery impair my vision?

If anything, eyelid surgery actually helps improve the vision for many patients. Not only does it restore a fresh, younger look from a cosmetic standpoint, it removes the excess skin that may have been impairing vision. It is important to select a skilled surgeon who has expertise with eyelid surgery. We take great care during this surgery so that the eyes themselves are left untouched and unharmed.

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