Many patients feel like their profile view is very unflattering. Your body is programmed to store fat in this area, and can leave you feeling less confident, as there is no way to hide the condition. This condition can be the result of your DNA, aging, or gaining and losing weight.

Neck liposuction for a refined, defined, youthful jawline.

At Austin Plastic Surgery Institute, can help you be free of a double chin with our state-of-the-art medical technology and neck liposuction plastic surgery technique. Liposuction is used in this area to help achieve a sleeker, more defined neck, and it creates excellent improvements to the appearance of the neck and profile. Defining both the neckline and jawline can do wonders for the facial appearance.

While isolated liposuction is an option, we usually do this in conjunction with FaceTite and Morpheus8. The addition of these procedures allows radiofrequency to be delivered which helps tighten the skin both from the inside (FaceTite) and outside (Morpheus). The amount of definition in the lower third of the face that then blends with the jawline and neck can be dramatic.

Why choose Austin Plastic Surgery Institute?

Our board-certified plastic surgeons at APSI may also suggest a neck lift for patients who have skin folds and excess tissue on the neck as an added procedure. Our approach is to perform the least invasive technique possible. Your consultation at our private, luxury Austin office will involve an assessment to determine whether neck liposuction is the ideal approach for you to achieve your desired results.

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How we are different

At The Austin Plastic Surgery Institute, your journey will be under the care of a close-knit group of physicians, nurses, aestheticians, and support staff. Every member of our exceptional team is focused on providing the highest level of care and support. We will treat with the care we would give our own families, with total honesty and integrity. We perform custom neck contouring with the utmost care, safety, and expertise.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons bring years of experience to every procedure, and uniquely blend surgical procedures with cutting-edge technology to deliver an optimal outcome. Our goal? To deliver happiness, relief, and free you of negative self-image issues, with your confidence restored.

What is the surgery?

During liposuction, a small incision (3mm) will be made just below the chin and at the base of each ear. The excess fat will be removed from the neck through a cannula. Most surgeons prefer to use the tumescent (“superwet”) liposuction technique. During this approach, a liquid made up of saline, a numbing agent and a substance that controls bleeding will be injected. This procedure may be a stand-alone procedure but, in most cases, it used in unison with the neck lift.

What is the recovery time?

All neck liposuction procedures are performed in an accredited surgical facility with general anesthesia. After the procedure, you will wear a compression garment to control swelling. If you have a combined surgery of neck liposuction plus a lift, you can expect a slightly longer recovery period. During the first follow-up visit, when the bandages are removed, you will see the beautiful changes to your profile immediately.

Neck lift

Once the fat has been removed from the neck, incisions are made under the chin, in front of and around the ears to allow our surgeon access to the area beneath the neck skin as well as the platysma muscle. At this time, the muscles will be tightened, and the overlying skin will be stretched and re-draped over the neck, so the desired definition and contour is attained.

A drain may be placed under the skin to help collect fluid and blood, but this drain is usually removed within 24 to 48 hours. If a combination procedure is taking place, such as a facelift, the neck lift will most likely occur after the facelift has been completed.

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Neck liposuction FAQs

Will I have a scar?

Scarring with liposuction and FaceTite is minimal. The incisions will range from small punch marks to very small lines and usually almost undetectable with this procedure.

What about smaller amounts of fat under the chin and on the neck?

Liposuction removes both small and large amounts of fat. Patients that have a small, yet distinct bulge residing just under the chin will benefit greatly from this procedure. The removal of this fatty bulge is fast and very, very effective.

Will the fat return?

The fat cells removed during liposuction do not come back. However, patients that gain weight after surgery are at risk of regaining fat because the remaining cells left behind can expand and become larger. Patients that adhere to a healthy diet and exercise program will continue to see results years after their surgery.

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