Tricia Vargas

Tricia Vargas

Medical Assistant

Tricia currently works as Dr. Wilder’s Medical Assistant and enjoys helping patients from the beginning to end of their surgery journey. I began my career as a Cosmetic Surgery Assistant in November of 2011, shortly after finishing school. I began working for Dr. Wilder in April of 2014. I am truly passionate about what I do, every aspect of it. Helping patients from the beginning of their surgery journey, by answering all medical questions and then seeing their happy and smiling faces in the end. I love helping people, and assisting Dr. Wilder with minor in office procedures. I was born and raised here in our very own Austin, Texas and boy have I seen it grow! I am a Mother of my 6 year old son Liam, have a step-daughter Gabriella who is 10, my husband Danny is a Senior Account Executive for a reputable SEO company here in town. We also have 4 “fur children” between the two of us with our precious dogs. I am very active in the Fitness and Wellness Industry, and competed in fitness competitions for many years of my life. Although my competition days are over, my husband and I still truly put fitness and living a healthy lifestyle at the forefront of our lives. The way I see it, giving yourself a healthy mindset by eating right and exercising regularly is a gift in and of itself! I thank God everyday that I have the ability both mentally and physically to push myself to limits that I thought my body or mind could never endure. I love to motivate other people around me to choose health as well, for someone to say “because of you, I kept going with my goals” is just surreal. I am beyond words blessed to be in the place that I am today. I have a wonderful loving husband, amazing son and step-daughter, and my parent’s are my back bone, I would never be where I am today without them. I bring my smile, enthusiasm and love of patient care in the door with me everyday at work. I work with the best team I could ask for and can assure you we will all be with you every step of the way to guide you through the surgery process with as little stress as possible

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