Even though nose surgery, also called “rhinoplasty,” is second only to breast augmentation in statistics for most popular cosmetic procedures, there are many important facts about it that are unfamiliar to most people. Whether you’ve been considering rhinoplasty to correct a breathing problem or to improve the appearance of your nose, you should know these four important things before you decide to follow through with the procedure:

1. Another person’s nose will not look exactly the same on you.

If you’re considering rhinoplasty, it’s no question that you should look at plenty of before and after photos and other images of how you want your nose to look. Potential patients should keep in mind, however, that many attributes are unique to the individual, and a particular nose will not look exactly the same on every person. The other facial features, the size and structure of the nose, and the thickness of the skin can all influence the final outcome. Remember that this procedure is meant to enhance the unique beauty you already have; it is not meant to duplicate the appearance of another person.

2. Rhinoplasty is a very complex procedure.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex cosmetic procedures for a couple of reasons: 1. Since the tissues of the nose are very intricate and delicate, one small adjustment made to improve the appearance of the nose can affect the function of the nose and vice-versa. The surgeon must have the artistic eye and the surgical knowledge necessary to provide the best results. 2. Rhinoplasty results can be difficult to predict because they depend on factors out of the physician’s control, such as the ability of the nose to heal. The expertise of the surgeon can only go so far, which is why revision nose surgery is very common even among the best plastic surgeons.

3. Results are not apparent immediately.

Many patients are concerned with the appearance of their new nose immediately after their splint is taken off. At this point, there will be a visible difference in the appearance of the nose, but swelling may camouflage the true result. Swelling can make the nose appear slightly misshapen, asymmetrical, or no different than it looked before surgery. The majority of the swelling will be gone within the first few weeks after rhinoplasty, but some extent of swelling can be present for up to a year. Those considering nose surgery should be patient with the healing process; they should not consider revision surgery until final results are apparent.

4. It is important to choose an expert.

Even a beautifully sculpted nose should not be the focal point of the face; the nose should complement the other facial features in size, shape, and symmetry to provide the most harmonious result. Choosing an expert in rhinoplasty is so crucial to achieving this outcome. The plastic surgeons at Austin Plastic Surgery Institute are ABPS Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and are well-seasoned in performing the rhinoplasty procedure. Our doctors realize the importance of achieving the patient’s desired results, maintaining a nose shape that complements the face, and ensuring proper function of the nose. If you are interested in the rhinoplasty procedure, please contact Austin Plastic Surgery Institute by calling (512) 327-3773 or filling out our online contact form today.

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