Post Mastectomy & Reconstruction Surgery

… the last concluding procedure is usually nipple reconstruction by the surgeon.

Then comes the finishing touches…

Areola Restoration

This tattooing can be made to look very realistic and can offer coverage to any remaining scaring while creating a balance.

Permanent makeup, a unique combination of artistic ability and technical skill, is designed to naturally enhance your features, but does not totally take the place of topical makeup. Roberta Pryor, our micropigmentation artist at Austin Plastic Surgery Institute, offers permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, lip color, and areola tattoo. If you have dermatological issues that you think may be corrected by tattooing, it would be worth scheduling a consultation with us in Austin, TX. Cosmetic tattoos are used by people who have sensitivity or allergies to traditional cosmetics, people with difficulty seeing, and patients who are unable to apply makeup due to conditions like arthritis or Parkinson’s disease. In addition, it is also beneficial for those who do not have facial hair due to hair pulling, aging, or genetics. After the areas of the face receive cosmetic tattoos, the makeup becomes permanent and will not wash off from water, cleansers, or sweat.

Roberta Pryor has been performing these procedures for 16 years and considers this treatment her greatest area of expertise.

You will find her here at APSI Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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