One big question the Austin Plastic Surgery Institute’s board-certified plastic surgeons get a lot from patients is when can they go back to their yoga classes or jogging around Ladybird Lake. (Which, when they ask us that in July, we wonder why they want to be jogging outside at all in Austin, but whatever.)

The answer is, unsatisfyingly, that it depends! Four to six weeks is a good general answer though.

We get it. This is Austin. Everyone wants to exercise. This town is more over-active than an ADD 8 year old after a bag of Skittles. Still, you’ve just had plastic surgery Austin! Once you get home after a procedure like a Mommy Makeover (a post-pregnancy plastic surgery procedure we offer to get you back to pre-baby form) we generally recommend nothing more intensive than light walking. Trust us, you don’t want to be doing wind sprints or contorting your body into a pretzel at a yoga class a couple days after we stitch you up.

Running, cardio, and other aerobic activities are OK to resume two to four weeks after your plastic surgery in some cases. Weight lifting takes longer, usually around six weeks. As always though, it depends, so ask your doctor.

If you’ve had a breast augmentation, once you’ve got the go ahead from your doctor to start running all over Austin again, you should be sure you wear an extremely supportive sports bra.

If you’ve been a patient at the Austin Plastic Surgery Institute and can’t wait to start exercising again, we say more power to you. We get wanting to feel healthy (because, you know, we’re doctors) but the healthiest thing to do after plastic surgery or any procedure at the Austin Plastic Surgery Institute is to take it easy. So do that first! You’ll be back to your yoga studio in no time.

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