As a physician assistant who works in plastics and aesthetics, the injection chair can become more of a therapy session. I’ve had many patients explain to me how tired they are, they can’t lose weight, their relationship is going downhill, they aren’t getting sleep, etc.

They attribute all of this to the fact that they are getting older. This doesn’t have to be the way people view their life. Getting older doesn’t have to be scary, but can be exciting new journey. Enter BioTe. BioTe is how I can optimize your hormones so that you are more energized, lose weight, have a higher sex drive, better skin and hair, sleep better, and just overall more happy. It starts with a simple blood test and consult.

Most people don’t realize that even though their hormones are within normal ranges, they are not optimal. In order to optimize my patients, I come up with an individualized plan. The pellets that are inserted can replace either estradiol or testosterone or both. These are both bioidential not synthetic. There are no harmful side effects. The great effects of these pellets last 3-4 months for women, and 4-5 months for men. They work with cardiac output so the more you utilize energy, the more you need. I also determine if you need any supplements to help boost your hormone balancing process. These act kind of as the cherry on top. I have many patients on BioTe, and within weeks they’ve noticed an increase in energy, a higher sex drive, and are seeing weight loss. Book a complimentary consult with me today to see if BioTe is right for you!

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