While we always strive to put our best foot forward, skin issues can make it hard for some to truly step into the limelight. Whether caused by sun, lifestyle choices or aging, everyone’s skin eventually begins to show the signs of damage- leaving patients insecure and uncomfortable. Thankfully, innovative treatments such as Halo help to turn back the time, helping patients to once again obtain healthy, glowing skin from head to foot.

How It Works

Unlike other laser treatments, Halo is the only hybrid laser that is FDA-approved to deliver both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths at the same time. Using a dual laser approach, both the top layer of skin and the subdermal layers are treated to stimulate collagen creation, effectively rejuvenating the damaged skin in less time than ever before.

What to Expect

Depending on the laser being utilized throughout the treatment, patients will feel a range of temporarily mild to significant discomfort that could result in minor swelling or redness after. For these reasons a common anesthesia is recommended to avoid any pain that may occur.

However, the results are worth it!

Patients that receive the Halo treatment are consistently blown away by the dramatic results on their skin, helping with issues such as: acne, dark spots, sun damage, fine lines and scars. A consult with your specialist is the best way to determine the number of treatments necessary for optimal results, but it’s worth noting that even one treatment rewards patients with incredible results. That being said, depending on the severity of damage to the skin, most patients receive anywhere between 2-5 rounds in total, with gaps in between to allow for the healing and restoration process to take full effect.

Who Is It For?

The better question is: who isn’t it for? And the answer is no one! 

With treatments available for men and women of all skin types and shades, the Halo experience is great for anyone looking for alternatives to the normal chemical peels and dermabrasion options! Additionally, because this non-invasive treatment can be done on virtually every inch of your skin- with results lasting up to five years- Halo is a must-have tool for anyone to have in their anti-aging skincare routine.

Everyone wants beautiful, healthy skin to show off to the world, so why wait to get the results you want? Contact us today at (512) 957-0411 to schedule your consult with Helen and begin treating the damage you can- and can’t- see now, for an incredible glow tomorrow.

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