At Austin Plastic Surgery Institute, we strive to offer the most cutting-edge technology. Halo by Sciton is one of the newest lasers being used in the industry to treat a variety of skin conditions. Depending on what you see in the mirror determines what the Halo can resurface. Sun damage, pore size, oily skin, texture, tone, elasticity, and even melasma can be improved and eliminated.

Pre Laser Treatment: Naomi was hoping to eliminate sun damage, even her skin tone and have smooth texture. See her photo experience a week after having the treatment.

  • Before

    Woman's Face

  • Day 1: Felt warm, slightly sensitive and swollen.

    Woman's Face

  • Day 2: Normal temperature, started to feel the “peppering” on the surface.

    Woman's Face

  • Day 3: Swelling almost gone, comfortable.

    Woman's Face

  • Day 4: No swelling and “peppering” began to “slough” off

    Woman's Face

  • Day 5: Peppering continues to reveal “glowing” skin!

    Woman's Face

  • Check out day 6: Skin is radiant and “glowing” and the peppering is approaching the final stages!

    Woman's Face . Woman's Face   Woman's Face

Call us today to learn more about the Halo and say “Hello” to glow! 512-732-3000

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