Envision yourself in a polka-dot bikini on the 4th of July, that little black dress for ladies night out, or that slim-fit tuxedo at your daughter’s wedding. If you’re thinking, well I may want to lose some weight to look and feel my best, Ideal Protein is your answer.  Keep reading!

Who uses Ideal Protein?

  • Men and women seeking to lose weight and change their eating habits as part of a positive lifestyle change.
  • Those who want a high quality protein product to help maintain lean muscle mass.
  • Those who want to improve their bikini readiness before a special vacation.

How does Ideal Protein differ from other diets?

  • Primarily Promotes Fat Loss While Supporting Muscle Mass
  • One-on-one Weight Loss Coaching
  • Provides Protein-Packed Foods and Drinks as Part of a Meal Plan
  • Losing Weight can Improve Overall Well-Being
  • Offers Education for Post Diet Weight Maintenance
  • Follows a Medically Developed, Sensible Weight Loss Protocol

What type of protein is in the food and drinks offered?

The highlight of our weight loss method is the wonderful variety of protein-based foods the client will consume during the weight loss phases. These hold high biological value proteins containing all nine essential amino acids.

We employ 6 different proteins:

1. Whey isolates

2. Soy isolates

3. Whole milk protein

4. Albumin

5. Pea protein

6. Hydrolyzed collagen

This gives the dieter many options and is designed to accommodate people who are sensitive to dairy, soy, or those who are vegetarians by allowing them to participate in the program. In addition, we have almost two dozen foods that are gluten free. Our products are delicious!  We currently have over 80 items including shakes, juices, bars, soups, chili, pancakes, oatmeal, and more. Our products include hot and cold foods, different textures, and range from sweet to salty. The dieter will use these products to build complete meals, adding vegetables and salads. Each sealed envelope ensures full potency and contains about 18-20 grams of protein with very little to no fat or sugar. These are easy to prepare, and can be easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle.

Why do I need to utilize your products for the program?

The IP protocol is designed to give you the maximum results in the minimum amount of time.  Our highly absorbable protein isolate based products are lower in carbohydrates, fats, and calories than many others found on the market.

What is the average weight loss per week?

Each client is different, but the average weight loss experience of most dieters is 2-3 pounds per week. These results occur when the protocol is followed without deviation.

What are the phases?

Phase 1 – Weight loss phase.  You will spend 90% of your time on the protocol in this phase.  You will begin to phase off of the program after meeting your weight loss goal.

Phase 2 – Transition to regular diet by dropping one IP meal per day.  This phase is designed to take place over a 2 week period.

Phase 3 – Reboot the pancreas!  This phase lasts for 2 weeks.  It involves a reintroduction of complex carbohydrates in combination with healthy fats and protein selections back into the dieters regular food choices.  This will “retrain” the pancreas to manage carbohydrates.

Phase 4 – The Ideal Lifestyle!

After you have completed the first three phases – Phase 4 is the maintenance program to enjoy your freedom while maintaining your new shape. This will give you the tools to keep your weight off.

How will I keep the weight off?

Once you have completed all phases, Phase 4 will be incorporated into your new lifestyle. If you go back to your old habits the weight will creep on. However, if you embrace the tools you have learned throughout the process, the weight will stay off.

Can I drink alcohol with Ideal Protein?

Alcohol is not permitted while on Phase 1 and must be avoided while you’re in ketosis. During ketosis, your liver is busy converting the fatty acids being released from your fat cells into ketones that can be burned by your body for energy. It’s also busy converting protein (and sometimes fats) into glucose for those organs that require glucose to operate.  Alcohol is a toxic substance. Your liver immediately focuses on removing it from your body and puts other things on hold – such as creating the glucose your brain and other organs need. Hypoglycemia can result, and if it happens while you’re driving, it could be especially dangerous.

If you have any questions or are interested in getting started, please contact our Ideal Protein Coaches- Judie Jackson, RN or Julie Rothschild (512)327-3773.

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