How many times have you watched a movie or TV show when the passionate couple busts the bedroom door down and starts ripping each other’s clothes off?


What you don’t ever see is the scene where he or she is unable to “perform”. We have been besieged by the “blue pill” and “side by side bath tub” commercials, but it’s taboo to talk about women’s inability to enjoy sex. We are not couple’s therapist, but we do know that most relationships are better when intimacy can be shared and enjoyed by both parties.

As women and men age, natural hormone production diminishes. This leads to fatigue, cloudy mentation and forgetfulness; not to mention loss of sex drive. Men’s inability to obtain/maintain an erection is very analogous to a woman’s loss of vaginal lubrication and inability to climax. This can result in depression, loss of self-confidence and be a true strain on a relationship. Simply checking hormone levels and optimizing Estrogen, Testosterone and Thyroid levels with the BioTe system might be the “magic pill” that can rekindle a relationship or more importantly for some- give them the confidence to get involved in a new relationship. This system’s biggest health improvement however is seen in protective effects to the heart, brain, bones and breasts. With a simple questionnaire and lab test, you can see if you are a candidate for hormone therapy.

So let’s say your hormones get optimized, but you still don’t feel like sexual intercourse is enjoyable. Ravages of childbirth and low hormone levels can truly be so devastating that achieving goals of sexual fulfillment are difficult. The Diva vaginal rejuvenation is state of the art technology that can stimulate the vaginal mucosa to produce more lubrication and it can also help tighten the vagina. This can make the experience more enjoyable for both you and your partner. Women who suffer from mild incontinence with sneezing, exercise, etc. can see improvement. At the forefront of technology is the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). It was initially used with orthopedic injuries to help heal injuries and provide pain relief in joints by stimulating cells in that area. PRP is now used as an injection (O-shot) to help wake up diminished nerve sensation in the clitoris and G spot area to heighten sensation and allow women to achieve orgasm and in most cases much more intense and multiple orgasms. All this is done in an office setting with just topical anesthesia (numbing cream). It does not require an IV or general anesthesia and patients can drive themselves. No one has to ever know!


If you are someone who feels like aging has taken its toll and you want to see if you can once again enjoy amazing sex with your partner, please contact us and let us see if we can help you both. Book your private consultation with Helen our Medical Aesthetician, Lauren Riley our Physician Assistant or one of our three board certified surgeons. Contact Us


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