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“As women, we want to feel sexy in our own skin. Having confidence in our bodies can alter our daily lives, whether it be in our mood or personal relationships with others. The aging process, bearing children, and menopause are stages of life we all go through and should embrace. Although typically, that is not the case.
Women go through many changes during these stages of life. The joy of having children may also bring fear of incontinence. Freedom from periods and menopause can also cause loss of lubrication and sexual pleasure. As we get wiser and more astute in life, our bodies should be able to keep up.
This is where the diVa comes in. Bringing more pleasure into the prime of life, and keeping the passion alive in our relationships.
The diVa is a breakthrough laser procedure (usually performed in a series of 3 treatments). It is designed to address issues with tightening, lubrication, pleasurable sex, and incontinence. We now have the power to regain control of our bodies and have the quality of life each of us truly deserves.”

– Helen Coquin, the diVa expert

Agewell Everywhere. Feel more like your younger, vital, sensual self. Improve your relationships -“a happy wife means a happy life,” as you age the ability to orgasm or obtain multiple orgasms diminishes. But now there is a clinically proven way to increase the ease and frequency of a woman’s orgasm.

Diva by Sciton is a  laser vaginal therapy that has developed a break though resurfacing procedure for the improvement of vaginal tissue. This life changing treatment is helping women feel great while helping laxity, stress urinary incontinence and dryness.

  1. Do you prepare for a sneeze by clenching your legs together so you will not accidentally urinate a bit?
  2. Do you remember your orgasms coming quicker or maybe more often?
  3. Do you need lube to comfortably have sex?
  4. Are you wearing a pantyliner on a daily basis – just to catch that tiny bit of urine?
  5. Do you feel like you look as if you have been stretched and pulled in all directions?
  6. When you have sex do you feel as if there is not enough friction between you and your partner?
  7. Do you worry about the dreaded “camel toe” if you are wearing tight fitting clothing?

As technology becomes more advanced we are gaining the power to take back our youth and empower ourselves, and our bodies.

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