"exercise and eat right, but I can't seem to lose any weight or gain any muscle. I hate my body"

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Austin is an extremely fit town. Lulu Lemon is well represented. Travel anywhere and you will notice a lot more obese people as well as smokers. A healthy life style is very important to most Austinites. It can however be extremely frustrating when you cut carbs, eat clean, work out and STILL can't get where you want. For some it's not being able to gain muscle and for others, they don't see any fluctuations in their weight or they still have “love handles. As a plastic surgeon, these are my favorite patients. They are trying, but have focal lipodystrophy instead of obesity. This means they are likely good candidates for liposuction. Still others have annoying loose skin that will respond well to a tummy tuck.

Until recently this is how we approached everyone. What if there was a way to optimize your hormones and see some improvement? Balancing estrogen, testosterone and thyroid levels can make an appreciable difference in our bodies. These hormones once optimized, help protect brain, heart and bone function as well as breast wellness. It is equally effective for men and women. You can reduce risk of Alzheimer's, heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. More importantly however is that you can finally start feeling better.

Who doesn't want to:

  • Sleep better?
  • Have more energy?
  • Improve their mental clarity and memory?
  • Feel less moody, anxious and depressed?
  • Be able to lose some of the weight around their midsection?
  • Improve muscle strength?
  • Decrease joint and muscle pain?
  • Improve Sexual desire and Performance?

Hormones are not a substitute for surgery of course, but once optimized they can help to improve your short and long term results. Call us to learn more 512-732-3000

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