Men aren't supposed to have breasts. It just doesn't look right. Am I right?

Tired of wearing big shirts to hide your chest? Feel like everyone at the gym is staring at your boobs? And OBTW are you a guy?

Gynecomastia is the technical name given to the condition of men having breasts that are abnormally large. Just like with women, there is a certain amount of fat cells in the breasts. If these get abnormally large then the entire breast mound can grow and create a very unwanted look. As if the occurrence wasn't frustrating enough, the popularity of the expression of Man Boobs (moobs) lends further insult. So how does this happen? Most of the time we simply don't know. For some it is weight gain while for others it is genetic. Medications, marijuana and even the rare testicular cancer can be culprits. The treatment however is the same- remove the fat! Liposuction is the most commonly used method, but often the area has firm nodules mixed with fat. Think of pebbles mixed with sand. For that reason, traditional liposuction is not effective. PALS (power assisted liposuction), VASER (Ultrasound) and SMART lipo (laser) are usually needed to break up and emulsify the fat so that it can be aspirated. We prefer the PALS unit as it allows us to remove the most fat in a uniform fashion. Sometimes it is necessary to make a small incision to surgically excise the remaining nodules that liposuction can’t break up.

This procedure takes less than 2 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Postoperative recovery is easy. Most patients take a week off work. There is postop swelling and bruising and we have you wear a compression vest. Aerobic activity is limited for the first 2 weeks and upper body lifting can begin after 2 weeks, but will be limited to less weight and more reps.

Give us a call and schedule a consultation to see if this would be right for you.

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