Men, let’s be honest and talk. You are aging, the texture of your skin is changing, and all those hard working days are starting to show. Perhaps you are starting to see age spots or sunspots, little red vessels around your nose and cheeks, or wild hairs that can’t be tamed. You don’t have to accept this. We have treatments that have little to no down time and can be done in an hour or less. In an hour or less you regain a younger you!

Hydrafacial: The most minimal you could do is the Hydrafacial. Everyone has dirt that builds up in the pores, even more so for men. Generally, the higher testosterone level, the more oil is produced. Hydrafacial allows for a deep cleanse (including extractions) of your pores. There is no down time or preparation to this treatment and you can walk out with clean skin in about 30 minutes. Easy and hassle free. This will also help with soothing irritated skin caused by shaving with a razor. Shaving on a smoother skin will make a world of difference.

IPL (Intense Pulse Laser): Even if your skin is clean there are some things that can stand in your way of looking young, like those age spots or sun damaged skin and the blood vessels on your nose and cheeks. An IPL can help with all of this. IPL is intense pulse light laser used for hyperpigmentation and rosacea (skin disorder that causes redness). This laser targets the blood vessel with a heated light and shrinks the vessels as the body absorbs them after a few treatments.

Laser Hair Removal: Since summer is here and you are breaking out the bathing suit or maybe working out in the Texas heat, you might want to think about shedding that extra coat. We see a lot of men coming in with concerns of their neck and back. Laser hair removal dramatically reduces hair growth and prevents post shaving break outs.

Brow Waxing/Trim: Plucking, trimming, figuring out the best approach yourself can be rather challenging when it comes to brows. You want this to be natural looking and not overdone. This is why you should go to a professional. Waxing and trimming your brows is as important as taking care of your yard. Yes, you could let those weeds grow, the grass die, and the bushes to go wild but wouldn’t you feel better if it was done and ready to show off to everyone? And trust us, we all notice when it’s unkempt. These are simple problem solving treatments that we can do to allow you to look your best without an aggressive approach. You can take some time on your lunch break and leave with great subtle results that make a huge impact. For more information on skin care treatments that are available, join us June 23rd 6pm – 8pm for our Man Event or schedule a consult with us by calling 512-732-3000.

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