How to Get the Best Plastic Surgery Results

The most qualified and skilled plastic surgeons typically have the best portfolios of satisfied patients. Plastic surgeons who are board certified and can tout many years of experience have gone through rigorous training and testing to yield optimal results. While the surgeon bears most of the responsibility for creating the best surgical outcome, the patient, too, plays a very important role. The secret to getting the best plastic surgery results is not only to choose a surgeon with the right experience and credentials, but also to follow these basic rules:

1. Communicate with your surgeon

When it comes to getting the best plastic surgery results, communication is paramount. You should tell your surgeon the results you expect with the procedure and be completely up-front about your health history. Communicating effectively with your surgeon puts you both on the same page regarding the results that are achievable. Based on the information you provide, your surgeon can determine if you might experience even better results with an alternate procedure.

2. Have realistic expectations

Although tremendous advancement has been made in plastic and cosmetic surgery, there are still limitations with certain procedures. For example, a breast augmentation will not lift the breasts to a more youthful position; this is achieved only with a breast lift. With nose surgery, many patients often expect immediate results when final results can take up to a year to manifest. Many patients also expect that a certain nose (typically a celebrity’s nose) shape will look the same on their face. In reality, achieving a mirror image of another person’s feature is highly unlikely and may not even look balanced with your unique face shape. These little-known facts will be discussed during your consultation, and it is very important to keep them in mind so you can avoid plastic surgery regret.

3. Follow pre- and postoperative instructions

Detailed pre- and postoperative instructions will be given to you before and after surgery. These instructions might include avoiding smoking for several weeks, staying hydrated, wearing a compression garment, and avoiding certain physical activities for a limited time. It is so important to follow these instructions so you can speed the healing process, reduce swelling, and prevent complications. Since any cosmetic procedure will not stop the aging process, it is also important that you take care of your skin and maintain your weight to prolong your best plastic surgery results. All surgeons at Austin Plastic Surgery Institute are ABPS Board Certified in Plastic Surgery with many years of experience in their field. If you are looking to partner with a board-certified plastic surgeon in Austin, please contact us by calling (312) 327-3773 today.

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