Austin Plastic Surgery Institute is hosting an open house for our skin care clinic on April 30, 2015 from 9-5. This is why you should go:

1) Satisfy your curiosity and get your questions answered about various fillers, botox, and skin care products and treatments with no pressure to buy!

2) Got some lines you want to minimize like those crow’s feet or those forehead 11’s? Rest assured we are featuring deals on botox, xeomin, and dysport!

3) Want to establish a new skin care routine? Welcome to 15% off products!

4) Considered permanent makeup? There are discounts for that too!

5) Need some fillers to fill out laugh lines, lips, or cheeks? We have remarkable deals on packages of filler and purchases a la carte! We have several bundles featuring buy 2 syringes, get 1 free.

6) Want a set of Hydrafacials or laser hair removal to get ready for a big event? Taking 20% off will allow you to expand your budget for that dress!

7) If you love Jane Iredale makeup, expect 25% off of any 5 items and get a free gift!

8) Buy into one of our deals on peels and get your skin in shape before the summer hits!

9) Would you like something for free? There will be drawings held every hour starting at 10 am. You must purchase a product or service and be present to be eligible, but we will make it worth your while!

10) Everything mentioned above can make great Mother’s Day gifts for you or a loved one. Keep in mind, Mother’s Day is coming up on May 10th!

(These offers are exclusive to the Open House and you must attend the event to qualify for these discounts)

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