Dr. Scott Haydon Gives “Expert Plastic Surgeon” New Meaning – Austin, TX – Dr. Scott Haydon has changed my life – I wish that I had not worried so much about capsular contractions with my silicone and saline implants. My C cups appeared to have moved up on the chest wall giving the unnatural appearance of always wearing a “push up” bra under everything. Much has been written about Dr. Haydon’s calm, caring manner,but 2 days after replacing the implants – I not only look normal but “naturally gorgeous”. Today is day 10 and my husband cannot believe I am healing so well. Dr. Haydon is so much more than reviews can describe; his expertise, aesthetics and results are world class. His office has my permission to use my photos – I hope this helps other women feel as good about themselves as possible. Dr. Haydon and his nurse, Wanda have a wealth of information available, so their patients have the benefit of being well-informed and obtaining the best possible results.