You may already know that tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, eliminates extra skin and stubborn fat around the midsection. It’s a wonderful option for women who recently had children and people who lost a significant amount of weight through diet or weight loss surgery. In many cases, a tummy tuck is considered cosmetic. For others, this surgery can alleviate a number of medical issues.

So, will insurance cover a tummy tuck, and what does that process look like? No matter the reason for scheduling a tummy tuck, the surgeons at Austin Plastic Surgery Institute are skilled in performing this procedure in Austin, TX. Learn more about tummy tuck insurance by getting a private appointment at our clinic.

Who can get a tummy tuck covered by health insurance?

During a consultation at Austin Plastic Surgery Institute, we can determine whether your surgery could be covered by health insurance. Our staff begins with a physical examination to make sure you are healthy enough for an abdominoplasty. The best candidates are adults who have excess skin and fat in the abdomen. Patients with any underlying conditions or who cannot be sedated with general anesthesia are not candidates for surgery at this time.

One of the reasons why women choose tummy tuck surgery is because of a condition called diastasis recti, or the separation of the abdominal muscles. This condition can lead to many health issues, including lower back pain, urinary incontinence, digestive disorders, and hernias. Aesthetically, diastasis recti can look like a bulging or protruding belly. Our physicians frequently assist patients with medical issues caused by diastasis recti. In most cases, tummy tuck surgery may be able to help with these problems.

Will insurance cover a tummy tuck?

Diastasis recti causes the abdominal muscles to separate and the stomach to protrude outward. This usually occurs during pregnancy, when the abdomen stretches out to make room for the growing baby. After childbirth, however, many women find that the muscles do not contract back to their original places. With tummy tuck surgery, a physician can tighten the underlying tissue and relieve the symptoms associated with diastasis recti that may be affecting your quality of life. But will insurance cover a tummy tuck surgery in Austin, TX?

Medical insurance usually covers procedures that are deemed medically necessary. Patients need to provide proof that a tummy tuck surgery directly addresses certain symptoms and prevents them from living a healthy life. This process involves submitting documentation from a primary health provider or photographs of the problem in question. Patients may also need to prove that they have tried nonsurgical ways to address their medical issues without success. At Austin Plastic Surgery Institute, we can give you information about what you need to move forward with the procedure.

Additional tummy tuck costs

Tummy tuck insurance doesn’t always cover all of your medical costs. It’s generally designed to share costs up until a certain point. Patients should keep this in mind when planning for their tummy tuck surgery. Individuals may want to budget for out-of-pocket-costs, hospital fees, prescription medication, or compression garments following their procedure. It is important to take a look into your individual plan to see what is and isn’t covered. The professionals at Austin Plastic Surgery Institute can also view your tummy tuck health insurance coverage and let you know what to expect.

To make payments even more convenient, Austin Plastic Surgery Institute offers many financing options for patients at our office. If you are interested in tummy tuck surgery or any other procedure, we can discuss these and more during the initial consultation. Our team welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and learn about your cosmetic and medical goals. If you have any concerns about getting surgery and how to get tummy tuck health insurance to cover a portion of the costs, give us a call in Austin, TX today.

Schedule a tummy tuck consultation

So, will insurance cover a tummy tuck? We understand some people avoid the treatments they need because they are intimidated by the cost. At Austin Plastic Surgery Institute, we care about each of our patients and try our hardest to make sure your care is affordable. When you are ready to address loose skin around the midsection and so much more, you should speak with an experienced plastic surgeon for a consultation. Patients can ask questions about the procedure and personalize treatment to suit their needs. Learn more about tummy tuck insurance and more by reaching out to our office in Austin, TX.